We help people navigate the space between life and death.

Contemplating the end of life can be daunting. Our digital platform is here to support you—whether you’re planning for yourself, a loved one, or as a carer. We're building a range of services to guide you through every step.

Gain early access to our end-of-life planning tools. We will keep you posted on our launch. 

Why is this important?

Thinking about your farewell can make you feel anxious, but it is an important step for yourself and for your family.

  • Unplanned deaths cause additional stress for families
  • Actively planning for death reduces anxiety for all involved
  • Ensuring you document your wishes means they can be honoured
of people were unaware of the wishes of their deceased loved ones
reported that planning a funeral of a loved one added stress to an already difficult and upsetting period

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Farewell planner

A simple and relaxed way to understand your 'goodbye' style.

Whether it's a funeral, memorial or living funeral we are here to offer you guidance as you explore your own choices and desires.

This is a supportive self-discovery tool to hand hold you through decisions that sometimes feel like too much!

Product screenshot
Product screenshot

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Emotions explorer tool

Discover your emotions following a serious or terminal diagnosis with our tool.

We help you identify, acknowledge, and manage your feelings, empowering you to navigate this time with clarity.

Designed for those diagnosed, their loved ones seeking to understand their own emotions and caregivers aiming to offer deeper empathy.

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Conversational assistant

Experience compassionate and accessible support for end-of-life challenges with our new conversational platform, designed by end-of-life doulas and available 24/7.

Whether you’re seeking emotional support, practical advice, or detailed information, we are here to guide and support you at every step, ensuring you feel cared for and informed throughout your journey.

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